Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Hack - Compressor

This first hack adds a slider to adjust compressor knee -- nothing amazing. This is also the introduction of the finalized compressor fix.

The tarball may be downloaded here:

Should be able to extract, enter the top directory and
make install

Please post a comment if there is a problem compiling. Be sure to install all dev packages relating to dependencies reported as missing in configure output, or make output. The README lists dependencies.

If you simply want to apply the compressor fix to a release of Rakarrack already compiled & installed on your computer, then do the following:
Enter the /src directory. Copy the following files into this directory, and select "ok" to replace the file of the same name:

go back into the source package main directory and
make install

This will re-compile the changed source files and install this to your system.

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