Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Analog Phaser committed to Rakarrack CVS

Analog Phaser committed to Rakarrack CVS as new effect.

Since this technically is no longer a hack, I will defer any code seekers directly to CVS:

Leave comments if there are questions about what some of the parameters are meant to control.
As an update to this, here are links to some experimental code implementing envelope control. Since there is no control parameter on the Rakarrack GUI, a different control may need to be hijacked to test it. I have hi-jacked the distortion parameter, so the distortion amount must increase as your envelope deviation increases.
See line 116:
envpct = distortion; //This is a Hack to hijack distortion slider for ef control.

Here's the code.
And you'll need APhaser.h

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