Monday, November 30, 2009

Reverse Echo

Just updated reverse echo effect. I have audio samples coming as soon as I export them from Ardour.

My TODO list for reverse echo:
1) Volume swell where reverse array pointer crosses recent-old boundary in delay buffer. Right now you hear the discontinuous blip every time the playback loops around. With the current code, the work-around is a long delay time so you get a natural string swell from the natural note decay. No good on short delay times. It sounds worse and worse the more you shorten it up.

2) Update GUI. I don't think I have yet seen a reverse delay FX pedal nor plugin that lets you crossfade between forward and reverse delays. This is precisely the operation of the GUI slider. The more you slide it to the maximum, the more of the reverse you'll hear in the playback. Either extreme is full reverse or full forward. Pretty nifty, hey? I'm anxious to try it.

Otherwise it's pretty much done. See list of links below:

Here are links to the current code. My recent change of directory broke the links in prior blogs...I will try to fix them later.

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